When is the last chance I can purchase my Michiganensian yearbook?
The last date to purchase a copy is usually late March. The date varies each year.

How can I purchase my Michiganensian yearbook?
We accept three forms of payment: check, credit card, and billing to your Student Account. You can place an order by following the instructions on our order page or by calling our office at (734) 418 - 4115 ext. 1247. 

Do you offer refunds or returns?
No refunds or returns are accepted. All sales are final.

When and where will I receive my Michiganensian?
The books are shipped directly from our publisher to your home/permanent address (as listed on Wolverine Access) in mid-April. After placing your order, be sure to check that the address on file in Wolverine Access is correct. If you have not received your Michiganensian by May 15th, please call our office ASAP.

Why is a Michiganensian yearbook charge showing up on my tuition bill?
All registered university students have the option of buying a yearbook and charging it to their student account. A student must contact us and indicate that they want to charge it to their  account by providing us with their 8-digit student I.D. number. The Michiganensian does not and is unable to apply charges to any student account unless a book has been ordered. If you do not remember ordering a book, contact our office and we will be able to tell you when, where, and what method was used to place the order.

Why was I charged for two yearbooks?
If you were charged for more than one yearbook, check with your parents-- or parents, check with your son or daughter to see if they ordered a book. Many times, a student will order a yearbook themselves and then later their parents will order a book for them not realizing their son or daughter already ordered one. Contact our office to find out when, where, and what method was used to complete the order.

How can I purchase past editions of the Michiganensian?
Copies from several past years are available, but supplies are limited. Contact us at ensian.um@umich.edu to get information on which editions are still available for purchase.

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